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Create Your Own Online Adventure Story
The Moon is Java SDK powered application that allows you to explore the Moon built with NASA's satellite imagery.

Date: 05-20-2011

Create Your Own Online Adventure Story
The e-Adventure platform is a research project aiming to facilitate the integration of educational games and game-like simulations in educational processes in general and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) in particular.

Date: 04-07-2011

Simple Notification when Caps Lock Is Pressed
Capster is a very easy to use app which notifies the user when Caps Lock is pressed, to help with accidental misclicks. Capster is as fast as can be, and replaces the Bezel type of notification CapSee uses with Growl. It sends a notification on startup, and after that, one every time Caps Lock is pressed.

Date: 03-24-2011

Monitor Your Server With Quick Status References
The Server Monitor extension adds a colored sphere icon into your browser's toolbar that, when clicked, provides you a quick server status reference. The sphere is split into as many sections as many sites you have. Each section is colored based on the response received from the monitored URL. Green means the site responded with the content that was expected. Yellow means the site responded but the content was different than expected. Red means the site failed to respond.

Date: 02-24-2011

View Your EPUB Documents With Ease
Murasaki is a very easy to use application designed to offers support for viewing EPUB documents. Murasaki provides quite basic features that will prove to be very useful: zoom in or out the text, go back or forward, to the next or to the previous page. The search function allows you to look for a certain text string and you will be able to see all the entries in the sidebar. Last but not least, the Inspector window provides general data concerning the current document.

Date: 02-24-2011

Easily Sync All Your Mac Data And Apps
iSynchronize is a simple solution for syncing all kinds of data from any kind of application for Mac OS X. iSynchronize is a software that do one thing and do it well. iSynchronize Sync your files. It is keeping important files up to date on all your Macs.

Date: 02-10-2011

Versatile Implementation Of The XML-RPC Specification
Redstone XML-RPC is a free, small, simple, open source, versatile implementation of the XML-RPC specification. Redstone XML-RPC is written in the Java programming language.

Date: 01-24-2011

Display Multiple Views Using 3D Page Flipping
AFKPageFlipper is a free and open source UIView subclass that can be used by Objective-C developers to display multiple views using a 3D page flipping mechanism similar to flipping pages in a book. The AFKPageFlipper class supports both direct (by setting a property) and touch-based view transitions in both directions.

Date: 01-10-2011

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